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We Will Rise Again

Marilyn Manson

My Monkey

Bullet For My Valentine

Begging For Mercy

System Of A Down

A.D.D. (American Dream Denial)

Judas Priest


Bon Jovi

Lonely At The Top - Edit

The Iron Maiden Tribute

The Clairvoyant


Master of the Universe

Bring Me The Horizon

Can You Feel My Heart - Shikari Sound Sy

Tommy Lee Sparta

Fire - Dance

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The paper introduces a novel approach for crowd curation of ambient music played in venues using physical Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled check-ins. The CheckinDJ jukebox system uses NFC enabled objects that are linked to individuals social network accounts. CheckinDJ can thus be regarded as a crowdsourced DJ that curates an evolving music playlist based on the musical preferences of those present at a location at any given time. In this paper we present the design and operation of the currently deployed system along with highlights of the promising potential of this novel concept.

“CheckinDJ” Using Check-Ins to Crowdsource Music Preferences